Scandinavian Facial Symmetry

Like it or not, our faces are powerful calling cards. We communicate many things about ourselves; lifestyle, diet, the manner we handle stress, neck or shoulder pain, happiness quotient and other emotions, self-confidence in our faces. In other words, both who we are and how we feel.

And already as young adults we begin to lose the symmetry in our faces. We tense in our jaws raising one side of the mouth more than the other. Our chins become lumpy like orange peel when we harden our mouths in anger. We develop furrows between our eyes and one eye begins to look smaller than the other. Our noses start to appear to be off center. Maybe in addition we are already at a young age beginning to get dark circles under the eyes and puffiness indicating a buildup of toxins.

This is the only non-surgical facial technique which addresses the lack of symmetry. And the younger one begins to do something with these problems, the longer one can offset the more unattractive aspects of the aging process.

The Scandinavian Facial Symmetry Technique: ALT,  stimulates tissue, muscles, and facial nerves. It is a gentle form of connective tissue massage where 78 of the 97 muscles of the face and neck are thoroughly palpated in order to relax and revitalize them. In addition, there is work on the energy meridians, blood circulation and the cranial nerves. This is done with neither the use of machines nor acupuncture needles, but rather labor-intensive handiwork which demands both manual dexterity and a thorough knowledge of anatomy.

Though it is possible to book individual sessions for a single problem such as tension around and between the eyes, the basic Scandinavian Facial Symmetry: ALT protocol consists of 6 one-hour sessions. In the first session the connective tissue is loosened and the meridians in the face, throat and neck are treated. In the second session, the focus is on the forehead and eye area.  The third session involves a thorough treatment of the cheek and nasal area, including a slight repositioning the malar fat pads of the cheeks which can result improving the odd hollows and jowls.

The fourth treatment takes the mouth area and the jaw muscles. The  fifth treatment is for the chin and throat area. The sixth treatment concentrates on the biggest problem area for the individual while reinforcing the previous five treatments working allover the face and throat with the connective tissue to give a greater sense of wholeness for the entire face.

These are relaxing sessions, after which the client feels refreshed, clear headed but full of a sense of inner calm. The skin glows after a session. If there were previously numb patches on the face, there is often a tingling sensation as nerves come more to life. Healing is often accelerated after surgery. A surprising side effect of these treatments has been that some clients with allergies or sinus problems notice an improvement in their condition.


A treatment session lasts about 60 minutes and costs $90 plus tax.




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